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Dish Network - America's 'Everything' Pak

Over 330+ channels

Television lovers, we made this one just for you! We have actually lined up over 280 channels, consisting of everything from America's Top 250 bundle. You will get 31 commercial-free premium stations from Showtime, Starz, HBO and Cinemax, giving you fantastic access to original programs and popular movies.

It's not surprising that why America's 'Everything' Pak gives you the best value in TV.

The best value in entertainment for the true Television fan, who needs to have everything.


  • HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, Starz, AMC, IFC

  • Free Hopper® Whole-Home High-Def Digital Video Recorder Upgrade

Offer subject to change based upon premium channel accessibility.

*All offers need a (2) year contract as well as credit qualification. Offered to new and also qualified previous customers. Limitations apply.

"Dish Network Satellite TV Brings Entertainment Into Your House In Long Beach Ca 90745 "

Dish Network - The In-Home Equipment That Makes Possible!

Whole-Home HD Digital Video Recorder Service For Everyone In Long Beach Ca 90745
The Hopper® is a whole-home High Definition Digital Video Recorder that gives you the opportunity to pause, rewind and record live TV in any room. Exclusive to DISH, when the Hopper® is linked to broadband, the included Sling innovation permits you to view your live channels anywhere throught-out Long Beach Ca 90745 and nationwide.

Product Features

  • Built-in Sling®

  • PrimeTime Anytime®

  • AutoHop™

  • 2 TB Hard Drive

  • Transfer Recordings to Mobile

  • Web Apps for TV

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth® Audio Streaming

  • Compact, 61% Smaller than DIRECTV's Genie™

4K Joey
Coming soon... The Lean Machine!

This next generation receiver delivers the most crystal-clear picture in 4K for suitable tv's. Take pleasure in the very best picture quality for your home entertainment with the 4K Joey, complete with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Bluetooth®.

The 4K Joey includes H. 265/HEVC enhanced compression decoding to support 4Kp60 10-bit video format (excluding graphics), in addition to MPEG-4 and MPEG-2. It also utilizes MoCA 2.0 and 1.1 technology to connect to the House Video Network for satellite shows and DVR services through a Hopper or Hopper with Sling. For the very best picture quality in house entertainment, turn to the 4K Joey receiver from DISH!

* Picture-in-Picture, just offered on the Hopper. Joeys only operate in conjunction with a Hopper, not available for individual sale.

Super Joey
Saving television loving families all over, with our most current Joey addition you can record as much as 8 channels at the same time. With 2 built-in tuners, Super Joey works together with the Hopper to expand your watching power and record more shows than before. Never ever again will you have to choose between recording the childrens shows or yours.

Month-to-month DVR and receiver fees apply.

Virtual Joey
The Virtual Joey is a intelligent TV and video game console app that permits you to seamlessly take advantage of your Hopper or Hopper with Sling without extra boxes or wires.

Virtual Joeys interact with the Hopper over your existing house ethernet connection, offering you an much easier, mess free way to enjoy TV. The app is now available on 2013 Smart LG televisions.

Wireless Joey
The Wireless Joey™ system provides you the ability to view TV essentially anywhere in and around the home without pre-wiring or additional coax cabling.

It uses the most recent 802.11 private Wi-Fi network to guarantee higher reliability. The Wireless Joey offers an identical experience to a wired Joey, with full Hopper capability including the PrimeTime Anytime® and AutoHop™ features, and the ability to view, record, pause, rewind and fast forward television material.

One Virtual Joey per account.

Coming Soon!

Hopper® Voice Remote
Having a big quantity of programs within your reaches can be a lot to handle. All your live TV and up to 2,000 hours of recorded programming shouldn't be left for any remote. For the easiest navigation through your Hopper and TV material, the Hopper Voice Remote is the method to go.

Without needing to constantly take a look at your remote, accessing and enjoying your programming is more of a natural and easy process. The clickable touchpad additionally streamlines checking out your television content too.

Hopper voice control, an innovative voice-recognition innovation, let's you easily search for your favorite programs.

Dish Network - Sports Fan Offers For Residents Of Long Beach Ca 90745

Multi-Sport Pack
If you are in to sports, DISH puts you in the middle of the action. With the Multi-Sport Pack you'll appreciate NFL RedZone plus NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, Pac-12 Networks, beIN Sport, Outside TV, FXX, FOX Sports 2, Universal Sports Network, Big Ten Network and over 20 Regional Sports Networks.

ESPN Gameplan
Channel 456 - Channel 468
ESPN GamePlan provides you access to the very best matches from leading conferences throughout the college football season. With GamePlan, you will see nationally ranked teams as they fight for the title throughout the season. Only offered during college football season. This sports packages includes the ACC, AMERICAN, BIG 12, MAC, SUN BELT, SEC, WAC conferences and more.

Cheer for your favorite college teams in the SEC conference thru DISH! The SEC Network is available in a variety of packages including America's Top 120 Plus, Top 200 and Top 250 and has games you cannot see anyplace else! Get DISH and get the SEC Network.

NHL Center Ice
Channel 573 - Channel 587, Hopper® Channel 475
Now you can be at the rink and remain warm at home. It doesn't matter where you live, you can get the very best seats in your house with NHL Center Ice. Follow your favorite teams and players all season long, with as many as 40 out-of-market games weekly. Don't miss your chance to watch every game.

Outdoor Bundle
The Outdoor Package integrates the hunting, fishing, shooting and motor sports programming of Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network, Outside TV and MAVTV to offer the very best variety of entertainment for the outdoor and motor sports enthusiast.

Willow Cricket HD
Willow Cricket HD is the premium 24x7 HD cricket station in the US, with special coverage of home domestic and worldwide cricket from the top ranked cricketing nations on the planet. Willow carries 24x7 exclusive coverage of cricket played in India, Australia, South Africa and England amongst others, including coverage of the Indian Premier League.

MLB Extra Innings
Channels 900-914
Enjoy Major League Baseball the right way with the MLB EXTRA INNINGS offer. With your subscription to MLB EXTRA INNINGS you will have the ability to follow your favorite teams with as much as 80 live out-of-market games weekly. Your MLB EXTRA INNINGS subscription also includes authenticated access to MLB.TV so you can see all out-of-market game LIVE or On-Demand on over 400 supported devices. So whether you live across the nation from your preferred team or are just a a raving fan looking for the most live games, MLB EXTRA INNINGS is the best bundle for you.

Racetrack Television Network
Racetrack TV Network is a programming package devoted solely to "the sport of kings!" The Racetrack Television Network package provides to 80 stations that include horse racing from around the country.

NBA League Pass
Channel 560 - Channel 572, Hopper® Channel 470
NBA LEAGUE PASS takes you courtside each week with up to 40 live games from around the league. Follow your preferred team, players or match-up from outside your local broadcasting location.

ESPN Full Court
Channel 456 - Channel 468
ESPN Full Court delivers up to 30 regular season games weekly. Watch great matchups from top conferences throughout the nation. Only offered throughout college basketball season. This sports package consists of ACC, AMERICA EAST, ATLANTIC SUN, HORIZON, MAAC, SOUTHLAND, SUN BELT, MAC, Missouri Valley, Ohio Valley, NEC, Summit and WAC.

Fox Soccer Plus
FOX Soccer Plus is a exceptional sports network that supplies you with matches from the best leagues and competitions on the planet including England's Barclays Premier League, Italy's Serie A, the UEFA Champions League and England's FA Cup. FOX Soccer Plus likewise brings you premium rugby from the Heineken Cup, Aviva Premiership, RaboDirect PRO 12 League, Amlin Challenge Cup and more.

MLS Direct Kick
Channel 455 - Channel 468
The MLS Direct Kick Season package features up to 245 regular season matches and select playoff games, consisting of pre-game and post-game shows (when offered). That is more soccer than any fan could imagine.

Dish Network - The Start Of A New Era

Dish Network is among 3 business units of EchoStar Communications Corporation, along with EchoStar Technologies and EchoStar Satellite Services.

EchoStar Technologies is the manufacturer of the satellite receivers DISH Network makes use of.

EchoStar Satellite Services offers video, audio and information delivery services to DISH Network's Business and Education Television clients.

EchoStar began in 1980 and immediately got in the satellite Television industry as a distributor of C-band satellite Television systems. Operations quickly broadened while earning a reputation as an innovative business devoted to supplying consumers with state-of-the-art equipment, systems and service.

In 1987, EchoStar applied for a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) license with the Federal Communications Commission. EchoStar owns six satellites in orbit and (3) more being built.

Dish Network has its headquarters in Littleton, Colorado. It is EchoStar's modern direct broadcast satellite system with the capability to provide clients over 500 stations of digital video and CD-quality audio programs making use of a single little satellite dish.

DISH Network supplies customer assistance with the help of over (7,000) DISH Network client service representatives readily available by phone or e-mail all the time.

DISH Network provides the most popular entertainment, news, sports and worldwide channels.

Furthermore, with final passage of satellite television legislation, DISH Network presently provides local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX network channels, in addition to other popular super stations and independent network stations in some markets, to more than 60 percent of the U.S. market.

As the fastest growing direct broadcast satellite (DBS) business, DISH Network has actually gained over 100K consumers monthly regularly since Oct. 1998. Customers are picking DISH Network over cable TV or other satellite TV providers in record numbers due to DISH Network's pledge to provide more channels, more choices and more motion pictures, all at the most cost effective rates.

Dish Network is available in Long Beach Ca 90745 !

Glossary Of Terms For Satellite Television

Additional Outlet (A/O)
Receivers aside from the main one can be connected to the dish allowing other televisions in your home to be on various programs other than the one linked to the primary receiver. An A/O also refers to a convenient outlet where there is not another receiver and the television will show the exact same programs as the television connected to receiver.

Audio/Video Jacks
There are 3 jacks: one for the video, one for the right channel sound and one for the left channel audio. The audio jacks are required for the sound to be in stereo. R/F ports (coaxial cable) will not provide stereo audio from the satellite receiver.

The horizontal position of a satellite. It would have a various azimuth in Los Angeles than in Boston. Because the satellite is over the equator, wherever you live, it will be in the southern sky.

Range of frequencies occupied by a signal or allowed by receiving devices (generally, exactly what a receiver is capable of receiving).

The raw satellite TV signal before it is re-modulated to become a signal that is suitable for a TV.

A satellite transmission pattern. It might be broad, slim or spot. This impacts the satellites footprint.

A Suedo name for a satellite.

A certain programming service might not be offered in specific locations of the country. Usually because of contractual arrangements.

Broadcast Center
The facility which provides all tv reception, tape playback, encoding, and uplinking.

Signal frequency range (3.70-4 .20 ghz).

Clarke Belt
Called after its founder Arthur C. Clarke, the Clarke Belt is an orbit made use of by satellites at a height of 22,250 miles, in which satellites make an orbit in 24 hours, yet stay in a set position relative to the earth's surface area.

Digital broadcast satellite. This high-powered satellite makes use of a Ku-band frequency (12.2 to 12.7 GHz) to deliver program signals straight to small (18-inch) dishes installed at subscribers houses.

Digital Audio Broadcasting
Standard which describes the technique of sending digital audio.

Digital Compression
A procedure of equating video images into a digital code which uses up less transmission space than the original signal would have. This enables more channels per satellite transponder: from four-to-one for live video to eight-to-one for movie.

Dolby Digital AC-3 Compatible
Dolby Digital provides 6 independent sound track channels through the optical output jack. When linked to your AC3 suitable house theater audio set-up, this connection provides Dolby Digital Surround Sound (when Dolby Digital belongs to the shows being seen).

Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby Pro Reasoning (referred to as Dolby Surround in the theaters) is based on making use of an amplitude-phase matrix. This is a technique of encoding four channels of details into 2 tracks of stereo media and after that deciphering them back into 4 channels for playback.

A signal's path from satellite to antenna.

Direct to house. Main term used by the Federal Communications Commission industry to refer to the satellite television and broadcasting markets.

Broadcast standard for digital radio and tv, making use of MPEG II compression. DVB is being supported by all European producers and broadcasters.

How high a satellite is from the horizon.

Feed Horn
A gadget which gathers the signals at the focus of the satellite dish and channels them to the LNB.

Fixed Dish System
Satellite system where the dish does not need to be moved. Dish Network use fixed dish systems.

An area of the earth that is able to get a particular satellite's signals. This depends upon the satellites beam.

Satellites orbit the Earth 22,300 miles above the Equator and rotate at the very same relative speed and instructions as the Earth's surface. For that reason, the satellites appear stationary. There are nearly 40 satellites currently in this kind of orbit over North America, and well over 100 around the globe.

Impulse Pay Per View
The capability to purchase a specific program on a last-minute decision. Pressing the 'buy' button on the remote control instead of having to make a call.

Interactive TV
An interactive television service that lets you use the enclosed remote control to access up-to-date news, sports, financial details, weather conditions, get program trivia, respond to totally free offers and shop, all while you watch television.

IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder)
A satellite receiver with a integrated decoder for unscrambling subscription channels. It is normally called the receiver.

Signal frequency range between 11 and 14 GHz. that is commonly utilized with communications satellites.

LNB (Low Noise Block Down-Converter)
Amplifies received signals and converts them from microwaves to lower frequency signals which are then sent along a cable to the satellite receiver. An LNB can be either single or double. A double LNB is required when more than one receiver is utilized allowing the viewing of different channels on other televisions.

Locks & Limits (Parental Controls)
Allows you to limit viewing of rated films (based on the motion picture score system) or to lock out whole channels.

Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG)
The company which specified the standards for moving pictures, like films.

MPEG I/II Compression
Technique to compress digital signals. Thanks to compression it is possible to incorporate numerous programs into one satellite transponder.

Noise Figure
A step of the efficiency (noise contribution) of an LNB in decibels. The lower the better.

Type of dish with the focus and feedhorn below the center of the dish.

Pay Per View (PPV)
Conditional access service where the user is able to purchase one specific program.

Rain Fade
The loss of signal from the satellite throughout a heavy rain. This takes place more or less to all DBS systems.

The IRD. Unit which takes signals from a dish antenna and converts them so that they can appear on TV.

R/F Connectors
Output for coax cable (the stuff cable companies make use of). R/F connectors will not supply stereo from the satellite receiver.

The coax cable that is frequently used for cable. If a home already has coax cable, it most likely is RG59. It is a smaller sized gauge than RG6.

The coax cable recommended by DBS manufacturers. It is a larger gauge than RG59.

Satellite Home Viewer Act
The purpose of the Satellite Home Viewer Act is to protect the copyright area of local network affiliates.

S-Video Jack
Some televisions have an input for a S-Video cable television. This is better than audio/video jacks or R/F connectors. It is for the video, not the sound. All Dish Network receivers have s-video output.

The procedure of level of sensitivity of a satellite receiver determined in decibels (dB).

Equipment inside a satellite, responsible for receiving a single uplinked channel and re-broadcasting it back to earth.

UHF Remote
Ultra High Frequency push-button control that can run the receiver from another room. The IR (Infra Red) remote have to be pointed at the receiver.

A signal's course from the earth to a satellite.

Current Laws

The Satellite Home Viewer Audience Act (SHVA) was passed in 1988 and was reenacted in 1994. The purpose of the Satellite Home Viewer Act is to secure the copyright area of regional network affiliates.

It allows Dish Network to offer customers in Long Beach Ca 90745 with nationwide networks just if they are not capable of receiving their local network affiliates through the use of a rooftop antenna and have not received network connected stations through cable television within the past 90 days.

Dish Network has specific geographic locations that get approved for these nationwide network feeds.

On November 29, 1999 the Satellite Home Viewer Act of 1999 was passed. This legislation enables Dish Network to offer local network connected stations to their clients. If the regional networks are not provided, customers need to still fulfill the above requirements to receive the national networks, this includes home owners of Long Beach Ca 90745 .

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